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Understanding Cookies: Cookies are tiny files downloaded to your device when you visit a website. They ensure the website functions optimally. While some cookies enhance the site's performance, others are essential for basic functionalities. Some cookies are also used for marketing, tracking, and advertising.

Core Cookies: These cookies are fundamental for users to browse the website, allowing us to adjust language settings and more. Without them, the website might not function as intended.

Performance Enhancers: These cookies gather data about website usage, such as visitor count, time spent on pages, and any error messages. We utilize Google Analytics for anonymous data collection and analysis. Our chat service, Live Help Now, also gathers anonymous user data.

Marketing & Ad Cookies: These cookies anonymously track users, enabling ad partners to display ads to users who've visited our site but haven't made a booking. We collaborate with partners like cj.com and Outbrain for tailored ads and information.

We also employ web beacons (tiny graphic images, usually 1x1 pixels) alongside cookies. These beacons help analyze user behavior on websites.

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Managing & Deleting Cookies: Most web browsers accept cookies by default. However, you can adjust your browser settings to receive cookie alerts or to decline cookies. For guidance on adjusting settings, refer to your browser's 'Help' section or the links below:

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